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Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. What is the difference among RFD Flaw Detectors?

RFD50,60,70, which are new models, have same/similar specification with RFD1000,2000,3000, the different is RFD50,60,70 has BNC cable interfaces while RFD1000,2000,3000 has LEMO cable interfaces.

Please see our Model Index for the details of the difference:

2. What is the difference between RFD70 and RFD820?

3. Is it easy to operate a RFD series Flaw Detector?

If you used to be a user of Olympus flaw detector, Panametrics-NDT Epoch flaw detector, KK flaw detector (Krautkramer flaw detector), GE flaw detector, you can find it's very easy to operate our RFD series flaw detector because they share the same standard instructions.