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RUT5000A High Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

RUT5000A High Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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RUT5000A is a new type of handheld high-precision digital ultrasonic
thickness gauge with A/B scanning. It adopts the principle of ultrasonic
thickness measurement based on pulse reflection. It is suitable for the
measurement of material thickness that can make ultrasonic wave propagate in it
at a constant speed and get the reflection from its back. The measurement
resolution is 0.001mm and the measurement range is as thin as 0.15mm (steel).
    This product can accurately measure plates and processed parts. On the
other hand, it can monitor the thinning degree of pipes and pressure vessels in
production equipment after corrosion during use. It can be used in petroleum,
chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace, energy and other
    This product complies with the following standards: Calibration
Specification for ultrasonic thickness gauge (JJF 1126-2004).

Main Function Characteristics

● This product has A-scan mode, B-scan mode and numerical display mode;
● The measurement range is wide, and the unique "multiple echo" technology is adopted to realize the measurement of ultra-thin parts, with a minimum measurement thickness of 0.15mm (steel);
● This product can measure the thickness with high precision, and the maximum measurement resolution can reach 0.001mm; The repetition resolution can reach ± 0.002mm;
● It has the functions of penetrating coating and echo to echo measurement, which is used to measure materials with paint layer and coating on the surface; ● Multiple measurement modes: mb-e, E-E and me-e modes meet the measurement of conventional thick workpieces; Thin mode realizes the measurement of thin parts;
● Numerical modes include: conventional thickness value mode, difference / reduction rate mode and maximum value mode;
● Two gain modes: automatic gain / manual gain;
● Manual shutdown and automatic shutdown can be set, with energy-saving function;
● It supports a variety of probes, including double crystal probe and single crystal probe, and supports up to 20MHz high-frequency probe;
● It supports mass storage and can store 100000 thickness values, 500 groups of A-scan waveforms and 500 groups of B-scan waveforms at the same time;
● Large 3.5-inch color TFT-LCD display with 320x240 high definition (QVGA) resolution;
● It has a variety of calibration methods, supports one-point calibration, multi-point calibration and manual calibration modes, and can calibrate sound velocity and probe zero position at the same time; It supports v-path correction of double crystal probe.
● It supports the conversion of metric and British system; It can switch between millimeter and inch units;
● It supports Chinese and English display;

 Applicable Materials
    It is suitable for measuring the thickness of metals (such as steel, cast
iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), plastics, ceramics, glass, resin, glass fiber
and other good ultrasonic conductors.
 Basic Principles

The principle of ultrasonic thickness measurement is similar to that of light wave measurement. The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe reaches the measured object and propagates in the object. When it reaches the material interface, it is reflected back to the probe. The thickness of the measured material is determined by accurately measuring the time of ultrasonic propagation in the material.

Specification Parameters

* Note: the company reserves the right to make technical modifications without prior notice.



Probe type

Single crystal probe / double crystal probe (Note: the RUT5000A doesn't come with a default probe).

Measuring range 

Based on probe 

IndicaBon error(< 10mm)


IndicaBon error (≥10mm)


Repeatability error

±0.002mm(Self test)

IndicaBon stability

Zero crossing and mulBple echo technology are adopted to ensure that the thickness measurement value is not affected by echo strength, material aOenuaBon coefficient, gain and gate height, and has high measurement stability and reliability.

Measurement frequency




Pulse generator

NegaBve square wave emission is adopted, and the pulse width and voltage are automaBcally matched with the probe.

Sound velocity range


CalibraBon block


AutomaBc shutdown

One can choose 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and manual shutdown.

Probe calibraBon

One point calibraBon, mulB-point calibraBon


AutomaBc gain control, Manual gain control

Gain range


DetecBon mode

Radio frequency (RF), posiBve half wave (POS), negaBve half wave (NEG), full wave (FULL)

Measurement mode

(1) MB-E: the measurement mode based on the transit Bme from the iniBal echo to the first boOom echo; (2) E-E: penetraBon coaBng measurement mode, the arbitrary Em–En echo is opBonal; (3) ME-E: mulBple echo measurement mode; (4) THIN: thin wall measurement mode;

Numerical mode

Thickness value mode, difference / reducBon rate mode, maximum / minimum value mode

A-scan mode


B-scan mode


Coupling indicaBon


BaOery IndicaBon



Chinese / English



Menu operaBon


Sojware funcBon

Dynamic gate sekng, blanking sekng (Blank), echo blanking sekng (E-blank), echo freezing, echo translaBon and scaling

Storage funcBon

It can store 100,000 thicknesses (100 groups, 1000 in each group), 500 groups of A-scan waveforms and 500 groups of B-scan waveforms at the same Bme.

Host program upgrade



3.5 "QVGA (320 × 240) color TFT-LCD screen

Data transmission

It supports RS-232 serial communicaBon and transmits data to the computer.

Working temperature

-10°C~+50°C; With special requirements, it can reach - 20 °C;

Working voltage

Four No. 5 AA baOeries are required. When the power is insufficient, there is a low voltage prompt.

Overall dimension

204 x 100 x 36 (mm)

Total Weight

310 g(Without baOery)